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Design Principles

This website is all about bringing people together in collaborative education partnerships to achieve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education aspirations. It is inspired by ‘both-ways’ (Ober & Bat, 2007) and Ganma (Marika, 1999) philosophies.

These ideas are expressed through the principles of Togetherness, Relationality, Pro-activity, Community, Critical discernment and Reflection. The principles are discrete, but part of a whole.
Design Principles
People can choose their learning journey, recognising that every context is unique.
Design Principles - Learning Journey
Journeys are not linear and contain side-paths of learning built on multiple relationships.
Design Principles - side paths
There is reflection at every point.
Design Principle - reflection
And the learning is experiential and connected to individual contexts.
Design Principles - sliders
Everything is about doing things together.
Design Principles - doing things together
Your Story becomes Our Story.
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Achieving great things in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.