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Learning the lessons: Pre-service teacher preparation for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

This literature review and environmental scan provides a summary of current practices in Australian pre-service teacher education and recommendations for future practice.

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AITSL: A unit outline and content for professional learning units to support teachers in meeting Focus Areas 1.4 and 2.4

This document provides a higher education level unit outline for ITE providers with recommendations for topic areas and assessment, and a substantial reading list.

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RRR: Faculty Guide

This Guide explains how the Respect, Relationships, Reconciliation modules can be positioned and used in pre-service teaching programs.

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What Works: Stepping up

This downloadable PDF provides a literature base, as well as strategies and examples for incorporating What Works materials into pre-service teaching programs, and ideas for using the case studies.

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This website has a Guide that explains how the site can be used towards a professional development journey. Activities in this site can be built into education programs.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

What works: Partnerships publications

The What Works program has developed 5 downloadable PDFs for First Nations parents and community members that contain information about how schools and education work and how to work together with schools.

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Working with Aboriginal communities

This guide outlines protocols to inform teachers and school staff when consulting and working with Aboriginal communities. It provides helpful information for specific activities such as working with Aboriginal guest speakers and undertaking research.

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Australia endorsed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007. It contains several articles outlining rights relating to education, providing a paradigm to guide teacher actions relating to Indigenous education. See Articles 14 and 15 in particular.

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Share our Pride

The Share our Pride website has been developed by Reconciliation Australia as an awareness-raising journey, introducing key ideas in 5 chapters: First Australians, Our culture, Our shared history, Beyond the myths and Respectful relationships.

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Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools is a comprehensive guide that provides a framework for planning and action, explains Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and provides strategies for embedding perspectives. It approaches this from personal, classroom and whole-school positions.

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Respect, Relationships, Reconciliation

The RRR website provides three online modules, useful for all educators, to explore key ideas in Indigenous education. The modules - Know Yourself, Know your students, Know what you teach – prepare educators to teach Indigenous students and Indigenous cultural content.

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What Works

The What Works program provides comprehensive resources to help schools and First Nations communities design actions to improve educational outcomes for Indigenous students. It provides guiding frameworks, such as Build awareness – Form partnerships – Work systematically, as well as case studies and exploration of issues.