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Professional Development

This experiential, interactive website has been developed to support all those working to improve the educational success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in schools, Australia’s First Nations peoples. It is intended to be used in teacher education programs (pre-service and in-service), by teachers and school leaders, and by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Just like many rivers flow into the sea, there are many ways to engage in your professional development with this resource. As an individual learner you can make your own way through the site, focusing on the principles and activities that best suit your needs and interests.

We suggest you begin with a principle and spend time responding to the self-reflection questions. These will help guide you to identify what you both know and don’t know to enable you to focus and set your own learning journey.

The site can also be used in a more formal learning experience, for example if you are working in a team as part of initial teacher education or leading a group of people in a school community keen to know more about this field.

The Guide, which can be downloaded using the button below, is for those learners, leaders or coordinators who wish to use this website as a professional development experience and record the learning as a body of evidence. It outlines the parts of the website, what learning can be explored in the different sections, and how these can be utilised for professional development.

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